Starting on Amateur Radio Satellite is really easy !

Really ? What do I need ?

➜ First, you need a amateur radio license ! If not, you will be abble to listen but not to transmit ! If you want a licence, you have to contact a Radio Club near you to prepare the exam ! In US, take a look at ARRL website !

➜ You need a VHF/UHF radio : It can be a FM handset or a SSB transceiver. You can also receive with a SDR dongle like the Funcube USB dongle.

➜ You need a antenna, for radio, it is recommended :) You will find a specific page about this subject here.

➜ You have to know which satellite on which frequency and at what time you can catch him ! It can be tiresome to hold your antenna in one hand during hours but you don't have to do this ! This website can give you all this informations, you only have to know where you are and to translate this in QTH locator (a 6 caracters long position on all the world that you can find on this website).

➜ What else ? That's almost all. You have a lean how to play with doppler effect which modify frequencies and how to make contact but it is like each time with amateurs radio stations : Listen before to call ! Listening is learning !