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Inactive, FM repeater Ė Telemetry transfer over Italy. Donít transmit unless you hear the FM repeater functioning.

Update information: October 18th, 2012 We tried to do a restart of the high level code today which did not work out. We left the transmitter on to drain the batteries in hopes of clearing any latch ups. On the next pass, we could turn the bird back on so it survived the battery draining. The modem problem was back and we got that cleared. Its back up on the secondary bootloader. Michael, N3UC

Actual Surface Range : km
Actual speed : km/s
Maximum Visibility Time : minutes

Two-Line Element set (TLE) :

1 22825U 93061C 18228.95289392 -.00000011 00000-0 13444-4 0 9999
2 22825 098.8678 206.1864 0008634 162.4021 197.7461 14.30036730297988